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Can testosterone injections cause enlargement of the penis?

You have seen the spam and heard from the legends, but is there any actual science behind the promise of penis enlargement through testosterone injections? It turns out that there is a lot of promise and there are many experiments that have been conducted to verify the effectiveness of such injections. There is debate about the average size of the penis but most people agree that your typical penis measures between one to four inches when flaccid and five to seven inches when erect. There are many factors that can make your penis appear small and this includes extra fat carried in your pubic region.

Testosterone injections are becoming increasingly popular among those who are looking to increase their levels of this vital hormone. This is a cost effective method out of all the available therapies for testosterone replacement. In addition, it is easy to administer these injections and a doctor can do it or you can do it yourself. Once you have injected the testosterone, you are good for a number of weeks. On top of needing to inject the testosterone, you are going to need to buy the right equipment that is needed.

The medication is provided in 10cc bottles and one bottle is going to last for around fifteen weeks if you are using a regular dose of 200mg. Each bottle costs $10 and the best thing about the injections is the fact that it is easy for you to administer it. Shaving your scrotum before applying a patch with the blow dryer is an ordeal that you do not have to go through. This is because all that you need to do is to administer an injection and you are done. Doctors will teach you how to properly administer the shot and your job is made easier.

Injectable testosterone also has the benefit of only having to be administered once every 2 or 3 weeks. Compare this with oral pills which you take several per day or a testosterone patch which has to be changed every 24 hours. Injecting testosterone appears to be a good choice but you need to understand that this can have some disadvantages as well. One of the disadvantages is that injecting yourself might be painful not to mention the fact that the muscles near the injected area can be left feeling sore. Even worse is your emotional mood swings.

Think of injecting testosterone as reaching a mountain peak on the initial days after your injection. You will have increased energy, more libido, better moods and you will also be more assertive. However, you need to be aware that you are being given a dose that is highly concentrated. This means that your aggressiveness may be increased and you will be prone to having mod swings and this is an alarming combination. Once your hormone levels start to drop, you are going to start feeling lethargic, have low libido and you might have very low spirits. However, this scenario does not happen to all the people who inject testosterone and so it is advisable to consult a physician who will monitor you.

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