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My great eyelashes

Beauty is accentuated by the beauty of your eyelashes. No wonder that the long lashes, arched and large are related with femininity. Some of us are lucky enough can be proud of such eyelashes from our mother. But for the girls who are not so gifted, there is fortunately little tricks that can help stimulate eyelash growth and increase their charm.

There are some of them:

idol lashCleansing perfect!

Accumulation of mascara and blush to the roots of eyelashes, with some types of waste such as dust and dead skin cells, sebum, which can cause loss of eyelashes. So, on every cleansing, you must pay some special attention to your great eyelashes. Make sure their base is no more blush or mascara and just clean them with a special cleanser gel if you use waterproof mascara.

Minor irritations are quite common in the eyelids, often resulting in a sharp fall of the eyelashes. The main cause of this irritation is improper cleansing or touching the eyelids with your dirty hands. To prevent this, first of all make sure you perfect clean your lashes every night before bed, and then, appeals to some cool compresses with chamomile infusion. Apply to eye two chamomile tea bags that you previously left to infuse for about five minutes.

Cut the tips of eyelashes

To enable regeneration, very little cut tops eyelashes. Many people who have cut or burned accidentally lashes and then observed a marked increase them. That does not mean you have to “put” scissors in your eyelashes … you need some patience to cut very little of peaks eyelashes that are often and easily degraded.You can do this procedure once a year or even less frequently.

Paint your eyelashes

Your eyelashes are longer than you know and that’s because the tips are so thin and fragile that they can be transparent. If you don’t want to apply daily mascara, can be a compromise with dye eyelashes. Because these are painted from root to tip, lashes will be visible and will seem to be longer. Do not forget to dye eyelashes this should be done only specially painted, with paint that does not contain ammonia or other substances harmful to your eyes. It would be advised to resort to a professional help in a beauty salon.

Idol Lash

Idol Lash is the perfect product that help you in a few weeks to get healthy, attractive, longer and naturally eyelashes. The website idollashuk.co.uk/ is giving us all the information regarding the effect of using this product, how to be use, the detail list of ingredients and more and more information.

Vitamin E

Apply vitamin E on gene closer to the roots, but be careful not enter to the eye. Vitamin E will stimulate hair growth and also nourishes the skin. If you fall a little more eyelashes in a given area and their fall is associated with itching, well, it is possible that area to be affected by some rash. Vitamin E will soothe irritation and will stop the fall. Apply vitamin E, which came as oil, with a special brush for eyelashes.

Olive oil

Just because it is rich in vitamin E, and nutrients, olive oil can do miracles for your lashes. This reinforces their structure and gives shine. Apply a little olive oil on the fingers, close the eyes and rub gently, focusing on eyelashes.

Castor oil

Castor oil is long known for its regenerative and stimulating hair growth. Apply it every night on the eyelashes closer to the roots. Take care that this oil does not get into the eyes that can cause a burning sensation.

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