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Provillus – a few tips for a beautiful hair

Even if it seems a real challenge, in reality it is very simple to have hair like the hair styling product commercials. Respecting the same principle, namely that it is easier to prevent than to fight, all you have to do is to keep in mind a few simple rules, and your hair will shine with health. Contrary to appearances, follow them daily.
No daily wash, shampooing hair every day does more harm than good, because let’s not forget that many care products contain many chemicals that dry thread and destroy them natural protection. In addition, the hair has not been washed two days it’s easier to arrange.
Brush it every night. Do not use comb brushing, but choosing a brush of animal hair. Ideal is to take every night brushing every 50 movements in all directions, but without pulling hair. Daily brushing stimulates blood circulation to the scalp, hair growth and helps to better distribute its natural oils, while giving it shine.
Hydration, hydration, hydration … Because hydration is the word miracle to have a beautiful and healthy hair, we invite you to attack on all “fronts”. Even if you drink two liters of water daily, a little olive oil applied to the entire length of the night preceding shampooing will do wonders. Olive oil nourishes and repairs damaged hair, but also gives a mirror shine.
The minutes won by artificially drying hair will cost you dearly. Avoid to make a habit by drying your hair using the hairdryer. This will usually make your hair soon to have a look fragile, dry and wrinkled. If however you use the hair dryer, make sure that it is set to a minimum temperature.
Cut it once a month tops split ends give hair a matte finish, combed and even unkempt. The solution: a cutting tips once a month. The two millimeters removed will not affect the perception of the length of the hair, but rather it will stimulate growth and regeneration. And while you’re at haircut, another tip: choose asymmetrical haircut; you will look much younger!
Use Provillus. It is a treatment for hair growth and thickening it. Use Provillus to restore the natural appearance and shiny hair. It is used both women and for men and guarantee recipe for hair styling and natural as you dreamed, as is written on the site www.provillus.org. And how much hair is the hair loved, Provillus will provide necessary nourishment of the hair, from root to ends. The scalp is cleaner, more care and hair will look healthy and shiny.
If you have oily hair, pour ΒΌ liter of hot apple cider vinegar over a handful of dried nettles, leave for 15 minutes, then use the infusion for rinsing.
When cuticles rises upon heating, the brushing violent or aggressive chemical processes the hair becomes roomy with a matte finish and impossible to style. Wash with shampoo and rinse restructured with cold water as supports. Cuticles smooth and your hair will be as healthy and easy to style as before.
To keep as long as the intensity, do not wash about 48 hours after painting. Do not rub your hair with a towel when you dry and uses only shampoo and conditioner specifically for colored hair.
Hair is still a good price ours. Short hair or long hair rarely or often, curly or not, you will always look natural and clean. Hair care will give us more confidence in us, and a clear long hair will make us feel beautiful.

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